Oldē Artist Club : meet Zahra Holm

We are proud to announce the official launch of the Oldē Artist Club.

Zahra Holm
An original creation to discover inspiring artists and exciting conceptions.
In the Oldē Artist Club we celebrate art in all its forms: from painting, to sculpture, through music and many more.
We want to introduce emerging artists sharing their artistic vision, their creation process and how they manifest what’s on their mind. With their unique eye on the world they will share with us a part of their universe and what makes their soul on fire.
Two worlds are meeting, through the Oldē Artist Club: our Vintage passion with our art sensibility!
We want people to get inspired in any way, to reveal the undeniable need of creation and to have the liberty to create what’s on their mind and give entire freedom to their creativity. There are no limits in the creation, your mind is free to create, associate and explore what it wants.
So every month you will discover a new portrait who inspires us and we want you to meet. A photo series where Olde’s world meets the artist world. 
Be ready to be inspired and to crave for new discovery! 
Oldē Artist Club
For this first portrait we start with Zahra Holm, a lovely swedish painter living in Paris. Originally from Sweden and Tunisia, Zahra is now living and working in Paris. She started drawing at a very young age and began developing her love for arts.
Zahra is fascinated by the female form, the main subject of her work. Her bold use of colors and curvaceous lines create striking compositions that reflect the beauty and power of women. The forms suggest femininity, conventionally considered female, symbolically female, close to abstraction.
“My work is a tribute to the essence of femininity; a modern female-focus, bringing forth a question of beauty ideals, body shape and gender. Abstract shapes and curvaceous lines, expressing their feelings, telling their stories”
So obviously we picked our iconic and elegant pieces to meet Zahra’s world.
– Courrèges jacket, YSL pants
– Missoni jacket, pink flare pants
– Vintage blouse, vest
Zahra, tell us a bit more about you (EN/FR version) :

– Where do you get your inspiration?

Everything can be an inspiration. Women I see in the streets, women I know, my own body, wildflowers, the sun, a shadow, the sea, a movie, my emotions…
Everything that caught me eye and that I think is beautiful and/or interesting.

– What do you love about vintage pieces?
I love all aspects: that feeling of traveling through time with an old piece, the quality of the fabrics, that it’s good for the environment…
Vintage is so unique, that’s probably what I love the most – finding this special piece that you’ve never seen before and probably won’t see somewhere else. Most of my vintage pieces are little gems that I love to wear and I never get tired of them.

– What is the vintage piece you dream about?
I don’t dream about a certain piece but I would love to add more Courrèges, like a vinyl jacket or skirt. I also absolutely love Saint Laurent, Celine and Nina Ricci.

– What Oldē pieces inspire you?
What I like about Oldē is that it’s effortless cool. It’s vintage but yet very modern at the end, you can style them so easily. I LOVE colours: in my art, in life, in style. Oldē always have colorful pieces and prints that pops and catch my eye.

– For you, what’s an Oldē girl?
A modern one of a kind gal full of colors and style

french artist

(French version)

– Où puises-tu ton inspiration ?
Tout peut être une inspiration. Les femmes que je croise dans la rue, les femmes qui font partie de mon quotidien, mon propre corps mais aussi des fleurs sauvages qui vont susciter mon attention, le soleil, les ombres, la mer, un film, des émotions particulières que je vais ressentir. Tout ce qui attire mon regard et que je vais trouver beau et/ou intéressant.

– Qu’est ce que tu aimes dans les pièces vintage ?
J’aime tous les aspects que représentent les pièces : cette sensation de voyager à travers le temps avec une ancienne pièce, la qualité des tissus, le fait que ce soit un geste responsable pour l’environnement.
Le vintage est tellement unique, c’est sûrement ce que je préfère – trouver la pièce si spéciale, que vous n’avez jamais vue avant et que vous ne verrez sans doute nulle part ailleurs.
La plupart de mes pièces vintage sont des perles rares que j’adore porter et je ne m’en lasse pas !

– Quelle est la pièce vintage dont tu rêves ?
Je ne rêve pas de pièces particulières mais j’adorerais avoir une plus grande collection de pièces Courrèges, une veste vinyle ou une jupe par exemple. Sinon, j’adore Saint Laurent, Céline et Nina Ricci.

– Qu’est-ce-que les pièces Oldē t’inspirent?
Ce que j’aime chez Oldē c’est cet esprit “effortless cool”: c’est vintage mais pourtant très moderne au final, tu peux associer les pièces si facilement. J’adore les couleurs : dans l’art, dans ma vie, dans mon style. Oldē a toujours des pièces et des imprimés colorés, qui attirent mon attention.

– Pour toi, c’est quoi une fille Oldē ?
C’est une fille moderne, pleine de couleurs et de style !

Oldē Paris

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