We are proud to announce the official launch of the Oldē Artist Club. 
An original creation to discover inspiring artists and exciting conceptions.
In the Oldē Artist Club we celebrate art in all its forms: from painting, to sculpture, through music and many more.
We want to introduce emerging artists sharing their artistic vision, their creation process and how they manifest what’s on their mind. With their unique eye on the world they will share with us a part of their universe and what makes their soul on fire.
Two worlds are meeting, through the Oldē Artist Club: our Vintage passion with our art sensibility!
We want people to get inspired in any way, to reveal the undeniable need of creation and to have the liberty to create what’s on their mind and give entire freedom to their creativity. There are no limits in the creation, your mind is free to create, associate and explore what it wants.

So every month you will discover a new portrait who inspires us and we want you to meet. A photo series where Olde’s world meets the artist world. 

Be ready to be inspired and to crave for new discovery! 
Today, meet Zahra Holm, a lovely swedish painter living in Paris 🎨 . Full itw here.